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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> food is food, no logos on it. >> i learned you are one cynical dude. >> but a very good chicken. >> i just thought that kid was a jerk. up next, chuck todd, exclusive 101, full hour with barack obama, coming up right now. >> that is not true. horrifying allegations and pictures coming out of syria. rebel groups say they have proof of chemical attacks. syria's government denies it. we'll get the latest on these developments in another troubles piece of the middle east. the most famous soon to be ex-canadian who lives in texas, senator cruz, in a heated town hall. could an awkward moment be coming for two conservative stars in the lone star state? here in gotham, anthony weiner's wild spiral to single digits may have opened the door for an unexpected contender and maybe the next mayor. bill de blasio. feeling like he's got a lot of mojo with just 20 days till primary day. good morning from new york city.
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it's wednesday, august 21st. it's "the daily rundown." my first reads of it the mornin. we're going to start with some domestic politics. the state of both political parties is anything but strong these days. the only reason there isn't much hand ringing about the democratic party is because the republican party is the one in such disa ray. the open warfare has become a more public spectacle than we've seen in years. many republican leaders are exhausted from dealing with the tea party and some seem to be downright giddy over what's happened in the last week. they don't put their name on their giddiness. not even 250 days old and already he's become probably among the most recognizable faces of the tea party these days and one of congress' most polarize figures and that's just within the republican party. he's a hit with tea party conservatives and a thorn in the republican establishment. in texas tuesday night, cruz served up the red meat to
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conservative, vowing to defund the president's health care law, even if it means shutting down the government. >> we've got to do something that conservatives haven't done in a long time. we've got to stand up and win the arguments. if you have an impasse you want to know, one side or the other has to blink. how do we win this fight? don't blink! >> as we pointed out yesterday, the movement to defund the president's health care law has gone nowhere. last night, cruz was interrupted three times by organized protesters who yelled questions about how uninsured people in texas would get health care without the president's law. >> you have -- >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views. you know, part of the first amendment is about respecting the views of others. sir -- [ indistinct shouting ] >> one aide dismissed cruz's push to defund health care as
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simply, quote, about promoting cruz's presidential ambitions. on tuesday, cruz told reporters he's not going to speculate about whether he can legally become president. he tried to clear up his canadian conen drum. >> when i was a kid, my mom had always told me, if i wanted to, because i was born in canada, i could act to affirmatively try to claim canadian citizenship. i've never done anything to claim canadian citizenship so i thought that was the end. as a u.s. senator, i think it's appropriate that i be only american. >> by the way, cruz can't simply renounce this canadian citizenship with a statement. he has to fill out a form and pay $100, according to the canadian government. tea party limits on display in kentucky where senator mcconnell has been hitting his primary opponent for once claiming he
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graduated from m.i.t. school officials have said the seminar he attended is not affiliated with the university. senator lamar alexander got a tea party challenge from state representative joe carr. >> i got with my family, i got with my god and i got with my friends and i said what do we need to do here? are we hear something in our message in the fourth district that has broader appeal in the state of tennessee? and without question, without reservation, and without equivocation, the answer was a resounding yes. >> well, that resounding yes didn't extend to his campaign director. the man who had run his campaign for the house rushed out a statement resigning and backing alexander and carr's announcement played like something a bit of a keystone cop's episode. carr actually misspelled the word "senate" on his website. alexander has a remarkable op-ed
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in the tennessean defending governing and bipartisanship. wrote, washington needs more, not fewer, conservatives who know how to govern. i know if you only have 45 votes and you need 60 senators to get something important done, like balancing the budget, then you have to work with other people. that is, if you really care about solving the problem. if you really want to get it resolved instead of just making a speech. as presidential hopefuls start trekking to iowa, the republican chairman of iowa's largest county switched its party registration to independent. in his resignation letter, the polk county chairman write, i'm disappointed with the republican party at the national level. i'm disappointed with the republican party at the statewide level. i'm disappointed with the republican party at the countywide level. helping a dysfunctioning party that does not want to address its problems is enabling it. this fight between the establishment and money wing of the gop and the tea party has
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taken place behind the scenes. it's clear now that many believe they should fight back publicly. republicans have to hope, though, that this remains a 2014 phenomenon and is not what 2016 becomes about. last night in texas, senator cruz drew a standing room only crowd with a mix of red-hot friends and a bit of foes. nbc's casey hunt was there. she joins us now live from dallas. this was largely ted cruz preaching to the choir. but is there a disconnect here? the establishment in d.c. says one thing. did you feel as if, hey, there is a grassroots conservative base out there that wants ted crui cruz's philosophy to prevail? >> this absolutely was his base. but at the same time, it was a tuesday night, 7:00, in august, and there were thousands of people there. so i mean at the very least it was a good show on heritage action's organizing part. and the people who attended, who i talked to, says that cruz is
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somebody that they see as actually walking the walk. they were expressing frustration with politicians in washington who they view as saying one thing to them when they're campaigning and trying to get elected and then going to washington and doing something else. the line on cruz and this defund obama care push was really, hey, this is a guy who told me one thing when he was campaigning and now he's going in washington and he's trying to do what he said he was going to do. >> did you get the sense, you know, from the public that you were talking to, and i know you were doing some interviews, the very people that attended, at what point do elections have consequences? >> well, i mean, these people hope that, you know, their view is that they elected somebody who they wanted to see in a very vocal opposition. and, you know, at the -- on the one hand, obama was elected president. but they say, look, you know, it was still a divided country.
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it's not like he won in this huge landslide. and the congress that the country sent is divided. and the house is still republican. and cruz himself is focusing on the house too. i mean, he wants -- and he sort of acknowledges that this push that he's, you know, leading in the senate, if it's actually going to happen, it's going to have to start in the house because there aren't actually enough senators to get on board with this. >> all right, kasie hunt in dallas, you were at the town hall last night for us, thank you very much. our gaggle, former governor george pataki of new york. msnbc political analyst and editor at large for george walsh. starting with you, governor pata pataki. card carrying member of the establishment. >> i don't know about establishment -- >> i hear you. you were a guy three years ago, i think you saw the tea party movement, you said, okay, these people have something, but it does seem to me that there is this push/pull here between governing and the tea party movement. look at the lamar -- what did you think of the op-ed?
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>> i liked the statement very much about conservatives have to show we can govern. that's something that too often we have failed to do. let me just back up a little. i think the tea party was an honest manifestation of a disgust with the government that had grown too large and out of control. the classic example was ramming through obama care. a terrible law that no one read. in 2010, you saw the grassroots act adviviadvicism across this y in every district from people who said, government's out of control. they took back the house. now there is what i would call a healthy tension. where those who have started off as against something now have to see how they can be in favor of something. and i think lamar hit on the right answer. you know, you can't just -- it's ic easy when you're running for office to say, i'm against that, i'm going to vote no. once you win, you have to show you can govern. >> went through this right after the '88 election, the last time
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we saw this tension. clinton versus brown back in the day. liberal/conservative wing. it does resolve itself over time. but it's messy. >> it's very messy. i think one of the symbols, it's so interesting this was a heritage foundation event last night to defund obama care. one of the cores of the obama care, the individual mandate to have health insurance, originally comes from the heritage foundation. this has happened over and over. i guess i would ask pataki. i speak as a liberal democrat obviously. the republican party has given us the individual mandate. which they said, let's try something market based -- >> terrible idea. mitt romney bought into that idea. it was a horrible idea. >> cap and trade. in the bush and reagan white houses, his idea. now it's a terrible idea. >> this real-world issue, whole governing issue, i would argue, it is why the republican party
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looks like it's been wiped out in new york state. because a guy like you, governor pataki, couldn't survive in this atmosphere. >> wiped out in the whole northeast in a lot of ways. this is a party, i would argue, has to learn how to take yes for an answer. when their ideas and policies actually get accepted, get adopted, become national law, you know, stand up and wave a flag. don't try and sort of come in and undo -- >> we need to argue -- you have president obama, governor pataki -- let me ask you this. president obama in his budget is calling for changing the cpi. massive change to social security in a way that a lot of democrats wouldn't be happy with. talk about means testing for medicare. why aren't republicans going, oh, declaring victory, they've got the president basically agreeing with more of these -- >> making these changings is a very positive -- >> they've both come out of bowles/simpson by the way. >> but they've not declared victory. >> the problem is the rest of the budget. >> when do you take half a loaf?
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>> it's not half a loaf with this president. he'll give you the crumbs. he's not going to give you half a loaf. one of the reasons the republican party has to do a better job is because i don't see this president is governing. he makes campaign statements all across the country. demonizing the opposition. the hard work -- and i had to deal with a legislature more than 2-1 against me, was to sit down in a room and say, okay, i need this, what can you live with, and good et et it done. >> you had democrats who wanted to legislate. what if you don't have republicans -- but they eventually wanted to do something? i had democrats who wanted to oppose everything simply because it was my idea. you work with those who are rez be reasonable, you get it done. i think the government is out of control, it's too big. i'm going to confess here, i was watching "rachel maddow" a few months ago. >> it's not a confession. >> it's a confession, i'm a conservative. she had profiles of 12 u.s.
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senators who from 2010 on had lost or resigned or retired. every one of them stayed in washington. both parties, every one of them, became either a lobbyist or a public affairs or -- >> now, that is a -- >> that's a legitimate criticism of both parties. >> both parties do it. this president has presided over the fastest drop in the deficit since world war ii. he is presiding over the lowest amount of discretionary spending since dwight eisenhower. he has done lots of things that we don't like, and he is never met -- not halfway, he's not met an eighth of the way. >> the liberals hadn't abandoned the president on this. when some of these republicans compromise with the president, they're getting targeted. look at richard burr. we've seen this. the old pac is going after lindsey graham. that seems to be what the tension -- >> much of that is sort of a spin-off from a lot of the district lines that are redistricting. some would say too many safe
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seats. so, you know, you have -- it's interesting to see ted cruise talk to his sort of inner circle of people. they're assuming -- it's called confirmation bias. assume everybody you talk to agrees with you. all 300 million people must agree with you. not true. >> you had a great line in "the washington post." you said, you know, the republican party doesn't need to treat like everything is a primary. you think that's an issue, governor? >> i think it is an issue. i think we do have to appeal to a broader constituency. i don't think it's that hard to do. con trary to joan, this president has increased discretionary spending through the roof -- >> governor, the numbers are going down. the deficit's going down in a big way. >> that's like saying the murder rate in new york goes from 3,000 to 2,900, they're going down. it should be zero. >> it should be zero? we should not have any kind of deficit spending? >> no, of course not. the country is far better off as bill clinton showed running a
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surplus. >> at times. but he was -- he was living through a really great recovery and the economy was strong. >> and he lowered taxes. >> i want to bring up this, interesting conflict last night on the night ted cruz has this big rally in dallas very quietly and the governor of texas was negotiating to take some money from the president's health care law to at least give -- and there's been some concern in republican circles, that if texas totally opts out and doesn't expand medicaid at all, there will be some, particularly those seniors and those with disabilities, not getting -- you know, getting left out in the cold. he's looking for a way to avoid that. >> huge local burden. a number of the same things happening in arizona. the people who are charged with being responsible. >> she wants to -- that governor wants to expand the -- a big fight in her own party. >> it's generally accepted the republican party wants to do a better job of reaching out. everybody focuses on immigration.
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health case extreme -- >> would you have taken the money to expand medicaid? >> we already are -- >> would you have done it? if you needed it? >> depends on the circumstances of your state. in new york state, we already raised our medicaid levels to that level. >> all right, you guys are going to be coming back. new york city politics of course is chaotic and fun for me to follow. glad i don't have to vote here. more ahead, including the unconfirmed reports on the chemical weapon attacks in syria. claiming the death toll is over 1,000. syria's government is denying the accusations. again, we've seen this movie before. plus, as the court orders egyptian ex-president mubarak released from prison, president obama tries to find the balance between punishment and pragmatism with the egyptian forces. we'll get the very latest from the region with richard engel. he's next. first, politics planner. quiet day for the president. the march on washington
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anniversary festivities will begin later tonight. there's a prayer service. and of course we get new nixon tapes. so we will hear the former president probably dropping some f bombs or two. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msness. msnbc. there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger. ♪ listerine® whitening... power to your mouth.
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some very disturbing reports unconfirmed out of syria where rebel forces claimed the government launched a chemical attack overnight. we should note, again, nbc news has not confirmed the use of chemical weapons. nbc's richard engel live from cairo. i know you've talked to some of your sources on the rebel side of things in syria making these claims.
6:21 am
this isn't the first time that there have been accusations. of course, the u.s. government confirmed it three months ago. what do we know today? >> this is a very different kind of claim from the rebels. much different in terms of scale. what we'd seen in the past is the rebels claiming a single chemical weapon attack that killed a dozen people, sometimes just killed one or two. what we've been told happened starting around 2:00 in the morning and lasting for roughly two hours was a sustained barrage. about ten surface to surface missiles being fired according to the rebels by the regime on to ten different villages and towns. to the east and north of damascus. according to rebels, the death toll is over 1,200 now. they say that people were exhibiting before dying symptoms like shortness of breath, constricted pupil, foaming at the mouth. we've been watching video after
6:22 am
video. i've seen probably 75 of these videos this morning. they showrooms full of women and children who have been killed lying lifeless. not exhibiting any kind of obvious injuries that would -- like shrapnels or bullet wounds. so something obviously has happened. the syrian government claims this is all a fabrication. it denies categorically that it used chemical weapons. it says the rebels are inventing this or they did this to themselves in order to distract u.n. weapons inspectors who are there on the ground to determine if chemical weapons have been used in this war. and as you said earlier, u.s. intelligence officials had confirmed in the past that small amounts of chemical agents have been used by the syrian government. this would be a totally different scale. >> we know the president has drawn a red line here. we look at the egypt situation. and there is this sense of, okay what is the obama administration to do? they're in a conundrum on egypt.
6:23 am
feeling they're very limited. there's another meeting, unresolved, what kind of aid they're going to cut off from egypt. probably some but not all. you look at the syria situation. there is those that oppose assad admit they may end up if they just arm the rebels, they may be arming al qaeda. so there is this sense that it looks like there's no-win situations for the administration. and they're stuck in a pragmatic paralysis. what's your observation from the ground? >> well, i've spoken to some u.s. officials and u.s. military sources and they also describe a kind of paralysis in washington right now. where the u.s. doesn't exactly know what to do with egypt. i think in its basic interests, the united states -- or washington, i should say, realizes that the long-term interest is with the military. but it has been very uncomfortable watching the military roll back into power. and cracking down on the muslim
6:24 am
brotherhood. and other demonstrators. syria, a different situation. you have a strongman who the united states has opposed who has been butchering his people for the last two-plus years and we may have just seen overnight a very flagrant crossing of the red line that might be hard to ignore. so while washington might be uncomfortable about backing a military that is deep down wants to back here in egypt, i think it's going to face a much more difficult decision about what to do with syria. because the rebels who are being oppressed by the syrian government, as you just mentioned, aren't necessarily the kind of people the united states or other countries would want to see in power. >> of course this all comes down to russia. i got to ask you about mubarak's release. assuming he is released -- >> mubarak's -- >> even if it's temporarily, what is your sense of how this is going -- how the street is going to react to this in cairo?
6:25 am
>> it's amazing how the pendulum of history can switch. three years ago, the arab spring began when mubarak was overthrown and put in prison. the tide of history seem to be turning. the world, the united states, was with the protesters who are on streets. then the muslim brotherhood came to power here. governed so badly, many egyptians and other countries turned against them. the crackdown that has happened against the muslim brotherhood has been relatively popular on the streets of cairo. and it seems now if mubarak gets out you're not going to see a massive angry reaction like we would have a few years ago. it seems like the tide for the pendulum has swung a little bit. >> that is unbelievable. history moving fast in cairo. richard engel, thank you, sir, as always. coming up on "the daily rundown" we get a deep dive into how campaign-style tactics are coming to sports. maybe some of your favorite teams. wait till you check your
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facebook page. some of your favorite teams are taking a cue from the presidential campaigns in an attempt to draw in fans and make a lot of money. plus, we got an exclusive report this morning on our website. house majority whip kevin mccathy is getting a boost from the right. we've got the new ad from a conservative group looking to give him cover in the immigration debate. it's all on our website. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. and make your business dream a reality. she loves a lot of it's what you love about her.
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the procedure's being done to rule out cancer. those test results will take several days to come back. a brain mass does not necessarily mean biden has a tumor. it can mean an aneurysm or hemorrhage or something else. he suffered a mild stroke three years ago. the vice president remains in houston at the side of his best friend and son. we get our first poll this morning of likely voters in the virginia governor's race. democrat terry mcauliffe is in the lead. the newest poll shows mcauliffe up six points. 48-42. over virginia's attorney general ken cuccinelli. while the two are tied among men, there's a big gap among women voters. mcauliffe leads cuccinelli. cuccinelli's approval ratings are higher among likely voters. 22% say they don't know enough about cuccinelli to form an opinion. 31% say the same about mcauliffe. think about these numbers. terry mcauliffe has been
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pummeled in the media over the last month. has had a rough ride. and he is still up, if you're ken cuccinelli, you're wondering is there anything it's going to take to overtake him. still to come on "the daily rundown" we're taking a deep dive into the intersection of my two favorite things of life. how obama's revolutionary presidential campaign are changing the way major sports franchises engage with fans. first today's trivia question. who is the first sitting u.s. president to attend a major league baseball game? by the way, it went into extra inninging, innings. first person to tweet the correct answer gets the shout out. as a trainer, i see a lot of people
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president's million dollar micro machine build a community of sports fans. mobile usage, overall, jumped from 21% to 35%. now the digital geeks who made the obama brand a success during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns are applying their knowledge to the sports world. exhibit a, the green bay packers. the nfl's only publicly held franchise. the president. believing it could draw in more fans. blue state digital designed packers everywhere. a program that connects fans from around the country via website and mobile app. helped fans find their local packers bar. rsvp where they're watching the game. packers fans are encouraged to
6:36 am
submit photos. 50,000 have sent in photos and stories from around the world. murphy hosted a teleforum. the idea, like a presidential campaign, helped fans feel like they're part of something bigger and build a social relationship with the team. the result, 195,000 fans have signed up. guess what, i bet you all of them are going to buy something with packers logo on it. it's not the first time the sports world has tried to tap into campaign know-how. in 2010, the devils hired a longtime strategist who now advises chris christie. adaopting a micro targeting strategy. from the list in new jersey for people who shared those characteristics. to come up with a list of new devil fans. political junkies love to talk about politics as a sport. what lessons can sports learn? joining me now, co-founder and
6:37 am
ceo of blue state digital. he's now a sports strategist. how about that? >> it's pretty fun. >> thanks for the packer paraphernalia. >> any time. >> the similarities, the passion that comes with politics. i always said i use the same part of my brain for both and this is the obvious overlap, right? >> yeah, i think the opportunity is you're talk about with the statistics of people consuming sports content online and on mobile kdevices offers the opportunity to go deeper with the relationship side of it. you see mlb and nfl and the leagues producing a ton of content. the next frontier is how to take that digital relationship to a deeper level. >> what's interesting to me is we heard about your relationship with the packers. i know of other former colleagues of yours with other relationships with other sports teams that are doing this. the devils experiment two years ago, i remember talking to mike, devils have since changed hands, but it did increase ticket --
6:38 am
for some places, they had a single game ticket issue. and they were trying to get that because hockey's so expensive. the impact of this is pretty fast. because there's little know-how, is that fair to say? >> i think it's interesting that people who care so much about, like, the number of people showing up for the game in aggregate and they have a sense of all those numbers of season ticket holders don't have a great sense of the individual person. >> they don't know who the people are. >> right. having a more finely segmented strategy as the devils go down that road and understanding that, you know, joe is a person who has bought this many tickets to this many games. usually on a saturday. offers lots of opportunities to build that relationship with me in a different way. >> so are you taking -- so with the packers fans, are you doing similar things, finding out what else they like, what else they do? their free time and trying to target them that way? the same way the obama campaign found out, you know, folks that may not like romney's china
6:39 am
policy happen to watch big 10 football on saturday so you advertise on the big 10 network. >> it's interesting, the data is more behavioral about what people are already doing. the packers are sold out forever, they can't -- >> they can't offer tickets. >> 100% approval rating in green bay it the path to deeper relationships is folks like you who don't live in green bay. offering those peep a chance to connect with each other. helping them feel a better connection to the team as part of a community is the point. >> i take it 195,000 people, i mean, have they seen a return? a return on investment yet? are these people -- i always wonder sometime, it's easy to like something on facebook. but is there actually return coming with this? are they buying packers paraphernalia? >> there are sponsorship opportunities when you build these kinds of communities. those particular fans, more than half of them are new to the database. packers didn't have a relationship with half of those people before. >> they did something with the share holding stuff.
6:40 am
i got into that because this is great, buy a real share, i'm not buying a real share. was that a success or not? i look at all the money i spent. each of my kids have one share of stock. i have a couple of shares. i realize, it is kind of worthless. >> i mean, it is -- >> it's a cool picture frame. >> there are unique attributes to the team. the absence of an ol garthical owner is a part of that. even if there are restrictions around selling it and it's not a real equity in that sense, it's something that makes you feel like you own -- >> here's all i want. i just want one ticket every five years. that's all. just one ticket every five years. that would be a good dividend, right? >> if you send in your fan photo, you can win the fan photo contest. >> well, there it is. all right. very interesting. politics meets sports. up next, it's sentencing day for army private bradley manning. we're just minutes away from finding out how much time will manning serve in the military
6:41 am
prison for what's being called the largest leak in american history. plus, a new act in the big apple circus. what mayoral hopeful bill de blasio just revealed. first, white house soup of the day. whenever i make a miso joke, somebody gets mad and faux offended so i'll just say it's m miso soup, good-bye, we'll be right back. is like hammering. riding against the wind. uphill. every day.
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6:45 am
youth. could he see a sentence that's less than 20 years? >> well, it's impossible to tell, although there were some signals earlier in the trial for bradley manning from the military judge, army colonel denise lind who found manning not guilty of aiding the enemy, the most serious charge against him, and reduced the maximum sentence that he could -- that he could receive from 160 years down to 90 years by consolidating that effort. the key will be if, in fact, judge lynn orders that whatever jail time he serves, that he's eligible for parole. that would reduce any sentence, whether it's 20 years, the maximum 90 years. down to one-third of that original sentence. but all indications are -- i wouldn't say it's leniency, but she was leaning toward a lighter -- somewhat lighter prosecution of manning. despite the circumstances.
6:46 am
>> do you get the sense she almost viewed him somewhat as a patsy? maybe he was sort of a pawn in some of this when it came to wikileaks? >> you know, that's hard to tell, but there is no indication from the bench she thought so. she took the pretty straight and narrow. because in many cases -- this is a monumental case obviously. several hundred thousand documents were leaked by manning. the largest leak of u.s. secrets in the nation's history. so she's dealing with this seriously. but judging by her previous actions, she could go with a slightly lighter sentence. although the maximum is 90, even the prosecution was only asking for 60. so if he gets parole, that would be an ultimate sentence, as you mentioned earlier, of 20 years in the military prison, for the leavenworth, kansas. >> we'll see you on this channel in about 15 minutes with the actual verdict. the first sitting president
6:47 am
to attend a major league baseball game that went into extra innings was harrison, june 6, 1982. the cincinnati red legs beat the washington senators 7-4 in 11 innings. congratulations to today's winner, returning champion and a man who loves his country, bradley america. send your trivia questions to daily we'll be right back. ♪ look at me ♪ i can be center field starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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6:50 am
anthony weiner of course has sunk to fourth place. so no more weiner segments. no one has benefited more from weiner's demise than de blasio. who is getting a second look.
6:51 am
he's getting some help from some celebrities. putting his multiracial family in the spotlight. arguing he is the best candidate to represent new york, including this television ad on the city's controversial stop and frisk policy. >> there are hundreds of thousands of new yorkers who have never experienced stop and frisk. parents all over the city are having that conversation with their kids. >> bill de blasio, the only candidate to end the stop and frisk era that targets minorities. >> so let's bring back the gaggle. former governor pataki, erol lewis and john walsh. it seems every week, watch out, there's a new front-runner. de blasio was left in the dust a month ago. single digits. it looks like we thought bill
6:52 am
thompson was going to be the guy that was going to jump weiner at some point. >> the lead has switched enough times that in the last three weeks there will probably be another couple of switches as well. >> but thompson's strategy of basically riding african-american and latino support, in particular, ton get into the runoff, dealt a serious blow by deblajo's very effective -- >> i would say perhaps. the vote consolidates late. people make up their minds fairly late. whether that's because they know or don't know that somebody's black or has a black son or whatever is kind of an open question. but, you know, in the end, you want to believe that policies count at least as much as ethnic or -- >> governor pataki, i know, if you're running for mayor, you've been in a lot of these tv ads, but who do you want to run against in the democrats?
6:53 am
>> i think this is another tip for bill thompson too. he's been all over the map in terms of stop and frisk.
6:54 am
he wants to stop it. he wants to -- he's against the community safety act which de blasio is for and which the mayor vetoed. so he's had a hard time drawing these really clear lines. >> errol, you seem to know the bright lines, it's bloomberg-light, in some form of other, if quinn gets the endorse mont. they're being careful there because they think there's a problem in the primary with de blasio. where is thompson with this? he's the pro-business candidate. he's the chief financial guy. i can't figure it out. >> it's very interesting. thompson came close. closer than anybody imagined. partly because they misread the polls four years ago. to beating bloomberg who had outspent -- >> so he should be a shoo-in for the nominee, right? >> he may or may not be a shoo-in at this point. he's doing a slow and steady wins the race kind of strategy. he's got a lot of support from a lot of black ministers.
6:55 am
he appears to be all over the place to some on stop and frisk. that reflects the reality of some of these neighborhoods. you need police protection as much as you need the police to respect -- >> they don't want profiling but they want the police on the corner and he's been trying to walk that line. it does feel that the republican field is not as strong as it's been in previous years, governor what do you say to that? >> i wouldn't say we've had a strong republican field in previous years. we had two candidates. we had unfortunately, although in this case i think we have two good candidates. >> its interesting that bloomberg i think will at some point loom large in this race but not now. >> i think he is starting to and i think why de blasio is pulling ahead. i think people want to break from bloomberg and you have that "the new york times" story about his wall street connect.
6:56 am
>> we see this in races. someone holds off two or three terms you look for the opposite and who is the most opposite of bloomberg is dah blasio and voters do that. >> shameless plugs. >> 7:00 p.m. ny we are moderating the debate on the democratic side seven top. >> seven top? you left somebody out. >> my daughter nora works for a great nonprofit called let's get ready and do college access work for underserved kids and today i think her work is more important than mine even though i'm here. >> i will say go packers. all guests should be bringing me things like this. the president hits the road again and we will take a deep dive also into superpact mania. coming up next is chris jansing. bye-bye.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning. i'm chris jansing. in moments we will learn the sentence for private bradley manning who will face 90 years in prison for leaking 700,000 documents to wikileaks. the ligs leak case in u.s. history. he was convicted of espionage and a military judge will read that verdict in moments. eric snow den remains in russia where he is granted asylum for years. months after those usa documents leaked the awesome is not sure what snowden has that we haven't seen. msnbc has learned from two separate sources that the nsa can't determine the full extent what he took. a new report out in "wall street journal" that points to new details about the nsa surveillance reach. the report says the nsa can monitor 75% of all u.s. internet traffic.